Services Agreement
EULA For Lender Permitted Users

Last updated: Jan 2024

This EULA is designated for Permitted Users of the MortgageBloc Platform. Permitted Users are those users identified and nominated by lenders (Sponsoring Lenders) who have purchased appropriate licences from MortgageBloc Ltd for use of their services. Use of the MortgageBloc Platform (the “Service”) is governed by (a) the MortgageBloc Lender Agreement; and  (b) this EULA (the “Supplement”).

MortgageBloc Ltd is a private company registered in England under the Company Number 12844126 and registered at 71-75 Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, United Kingdom, WC2H 9JQ.

If you are not a Permitted User then you may not lawfully use the MortgageBloc Platform for commercial purposes

Please read this Supplement carefully to understand how your license to the Service will be provisioned.

By using the Service under this Subscription, you agree to the Agreement, including but not limited this Supplement, between your sponsoring lender, you and MortgageBloc Ltd. If you do not accept and comply with the terms of the Agreement, you may not use the Service.

The MortgageBloc Privacy Statement included at the end of this Supplement describes the types of data we collect from you and your devices ("Data") as you use this Service, how we use your Data, and the legal bases we have to process your Data. For clarity, the section on “Products provided by your organization - notice to end users” in the Microsoft Privacy Statement does not apply to the Service provided under this Agreement.

1. License, Use, Devices  &  Activation.

  a. License. This Service is licensed, and not sold. Provided that you comply with all the terms of the Agreement, we grant you the right to install and run copies of the Service on your workplace devices for commercial use and, subject to agreed protocols and permissions, the right to invite other Permitted Users to install and run copies of the Services, in accordance with this Agreement. You are also permitted, subject to agreed protocols and permissions, to invite Account Information Service (AIS) Users to install and run copies of the Services, in accordance with the AIS that is offered to consumers and is subject to a separate agreement.

  b. Subscriber Model and Number of Permitted Users. This License includes up to fifty (10) licenses to use the Service (each, a “Subscription License”). The Subscriber may invite up to forty-nine (9) other Permitted Users to use the Service, each under a separate Subscription License. Each user authorized to use the Service under a Multi-User Subscription is an independent user with full control over their use of the Service. In general, the Subscriber does not have any access to or control over any content or data of, or use of the Service by, other users in a Multi-User Subscription. However, in certain limited scenarios and only for account management purposes, the Subscriber will have access to user account data and activity logs of other users in a Multi-User Subscription.

   c. Devices Signed In. There may be technical limits on the number of devices that can be signed in by a user concurrently to use the Service. Except as permitted herein, only one person at a time may use the Service on a given device. The components of the software are licensed as a single unit, and you may not separate or virtualize the components and install them on different devices. Installation of the software on a server or for use by or through other devices connected to the server over an internal or external network and commercial hosting are expressly prohibited..

  d. Activation.

  (i)   How It Works. Activation associates the use of the Service with a specific device. Activation is required for each device to which a Service license is assigned. Use of the Service requires that software be downloaded to a user’s device. During activation, the software will automatically contact MortgageBloc Ltd to confirm that the license is associated with that device. Because activation is meant to identify unauthorized changes to the licensing or activation functions of the Service, and to otherwise prevent unlicensed use of the Service, you have no right to use the Service after the time permitted for activation and you may not bypass or circumvent activation. If you have not signed into the Service with your MortgageBloc during the time permitted for initial activation, most features of the Service and software will stop running.

  (ii)  Connecting to MortgageBloc. If the device is connected to the Internet, the software will automatically connect to MortgageBloc for activation when you are signed in. Internet service is required for activation and charges may apply.

  (iii) Re-activation. Some changes to your device components or the software may require re-activation of the software.

  (iv)  Activation failure. During online activation, if the licensing or activation functions of the software are found to be counterfeit or improperly licensed, activation will fail. The software will notify you if the installed copy of the software is improperly licensed. In addition, you will receive reminders to obtain a properly licensed copy of the software. In these circumstances you will be  unable to access the functionality of the Service.

   e. Multi-Use Scenarios.

  (i)   Device. In this Agreement, “device” means a local hardware system (whether physical or virtual) with a storage device or a mobile device capable of running the software. A hardware partition or blade is considered to be a device. For purposes of this Agreement, “device” does not include any hardware system (whether physical or virtual) on which the software is installed or accessed solely for remote use over a network.

  (ii)  Multiple or pooled connections. Hardware or software you use to multiplex or pool connections, or reduce the number of devices or users that access or use the software, does not reduce the number of licenses you need.  You may only use such hardware or software if you have a license for each instance of the software you are using.

  (iii)  Use in a virtualized environment.  This license allows you to install only one instance of the software for use on one device, whether that device is physical or virtual. If you want to use the software on more than one virtual device, you must obtain a separate license for each instance.

  (iv)  Remote assistance.  You may not use remote assistance technologies to share an active session. Remote assistance allows one user to connect directly to another user’s computer, usually to correct problems.

   f. Subscription Period; License Term.

Subscription Period. Your right to use the Service under this Subscription is limited to the Subscription period. The Subscriber may have the option to extend the Subscription. If the Subscription is extended, you may continue using the Service under the Subscription until the end of the extended Subscription period. This limitation does not affect those Users of the AIS service whose use will be  governed by a separate agreement.

Expiration of Subscription Period. When this Subscription expires, all Subscription Licenses will terminate and all Subscription-specific features of the Service will stop running. You may be able to continue using the Service under a separate subscription, but your use of the Service under that separate subscription will not be governed by this Supplement.  This limitation does not affect those Users of the AIS service whose use will be  governed by a separate agreement.

2. Additional Licensing Restrictions and Requirements.

a. Not for Resale Subscription.

3. Reservation of Rights and Feedback.

Except as expressly provided under the Agreement, MortgageBloc Ltd does not grant you a license or any other rights of any type under any patents, know-how, copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks or other intellectual property owned or controlled by MortgageBloc or any related entity, including but not limited to any name, trade dress, logo or equivalents. If you give to MortgageBloc any idea, proposal, suggestion or feedback, including without limitation ideas for new products, technologies, promotions, product names, product feedback and product improvements (“Feedback”), you give to MortgageBloc, without charge, royalties or other obligation to you, the right to make, have made, create derivative works, use, share and commercialize your Feedback in any way and for any purpose. You will not give Feedback that is subject to a license that requires MortgageBloc Ltd  to license its software, technologies or documentation to any third party because MortgageBloc Ltd  includes your Feedback in them.

4. Privacy Notice

The personal information stored in the MortgageBloc Platform in respect of each Permitted User will be limited to their personal name, their username and password and no other data. This will be stored indefinitely and as such MortgageBloc’s responsibilities un der the Data Protection Act in respect of permitted users is limited to this. Users of the AIS service are governed by the MortgageBloc Privacy Notice for that service.